Queen Elizabeth II (1952), is Queen of Canada. She has dedicated her life to public service and continues to serve Canada and Canadians after 60 years. On her 21st birthday (April 21, 1947), she addressed the Commonwealth and dedicated her life "whether it be long or short" to the service of others. In the interim years, she has been steadfast in keeping her promise — a promise quite valued by Canada, valued by the entire Commonwealth.

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David Lloyd Johnston (since 2010), began his professional career as an assistant professor in the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University in 1966, moving to the Law Faculty at the University of Toronto in 1968. He became dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario in 1974. In 1979, he was named principal and vice-chancellor of McGill University, and in July 1994, he returned to the McGill Faculty of Law as a full-time professor. In June 1999, he became the fifth president of the University of Waterloo.

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Prime Minister

Stephen Joseph Harper (since 2006), received an M.A. degree in economics from the University of Calgary in 1991, after which he directed his career toward politics and public-policy analysis. He was elected to the Canadian House of Commons in 1993 as a member of the western-based Reform Party, but he did not seek reelection in 1997. In 2002 he returned to the House of Commons and became leader of the opposition Canadian Alliance (the successor to the Reform Party), and in 2004 he was elected head of the Conservative Party of Canada, formed by the merger of the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties. In 2006 he led the Conservative Party to victory and became prime minister.

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Provinces and territories
Land area
3,511,003 sq mi (9,093,507 sq km)
Total area
3,855,102 sq mi (9,984,670 sq km)
Capital (2004 est.)
Ottawa, Ontario, 1,170,000 (metro. area)
Largest cities (metropolitan areas) (2009 est.)
Toronto, 5,377,000; Montreal, 3,750,000; Vancouver, 2,170,000; Calgary, 1,160,100; Edmonton, 1,101,600; Quebec, 710,700; Hamilton, 710,300; Winnipeg, 702,400; London, 459,700; Kitchener, 450,100
Population (2012 est.)
34,300,083 (growth rate: 0.78%)
Birth rate
Infant mortality rate
Life expectancy
81.48 yrs.
Density per sq. km
Monetary unit

Canadian dollar ($CAD)