Although OCTI is primarily a training institution, we often assist our students in finding a Canadian employer. As our students progress through our study program, they become knowledgeable in all aspects of caregiving and also gain direct experience of living in Canada. This gives them the confidence and skills necessary to find a good employer and negotiate a good salary.

Our students usually find an employer during the training program and often start to establish a friendly relationship with their prospective employer several months before they finish the course and qualify for a work permit. This process helps ensure that there is a good employer/employee match and greatly increases the chances of successfully completing the immigration program since quitting a job invalidates the work permit and may result in a period of unpaid unemployment during which the caregiver cannot risk leaving the country.

Regardless of whether you study with us or not, you may use our Partner Company Service Links Canada Inc. for all your Work Permit services.

Please note that Service Links Canada is not a recruitment Agency. Student can apply for Caregiver job by visiting Job Bank of Canada.

Do you meet the requirements to hire a live-in caregiver?

Please read the following before submitting your application (below).

  • Are you within the income bracket to hire a live-in caregiver?
  • Can you provide the caregiver with a private bedroom or living area?

We recommend that Canadian residents considering international sponsorship check with Canada Immigration for more information.

Does your work schedule warrant a live-in caregiver opposed to a live-out? Sponsoring a foreign caregiver in Canada requires that the caregiver live in ONLY.

Hiring within Canada and the U.S. may take from one to three weeks to complete the background check.