Why own an Onkar Caregiver Training Institute franchise?

Owning an Onkar Franchise has many advantages such as:

  • Tried and tested caregiver training business system,
  • Proven concept in the market place,
  • Quality and innovative education in caregiving,
  • Accredited programme in Caregiving Sector,
  • Highly respected in the industry,
  • Demonstrated and successful track record,
  • Program qualify for 2 years Work permit for Canada.

How we train and support you?

The franchisor shall:

  • Render a Professional back-up service to the franchisees;
  • Take responsibility for the standard and integrity of the Institution;
  • Provide training and assistance to the new Franchisee before a franchise register students;
  • Evaluate the college, administration systems and lecturers on a frequent basis to ensure that Franchisees keep their competitive edge and uphold the quality management systems, which are in place;
  • Plan a regional and local advertising campaign;
  • Training: Annual Conference for franchisees with Onkar Head office team;
  • Practical hands-on training during the year for staff/faculty and management of each module in the Live-in Caregiver program;
  • Provide assist and advice on the location of premises;
  • Fully guidance on Canadian Work permit and obtaining HRSDC LMO in Canada by Onkar’s partners who have expertise in Immigration business.

How much does an Onkar Caregiver Training Institute franchise cost?

The following costs apply to the franchisee having a new location of Onkar Caregiver Training Institute:

Upfront Fee= CAD$ 50,000 for 5 years Licensing
Diploma Fee for each Graduate complete the LCP program= CAD$ 250.00

Funds required to start?

Standard Decor and signage, Equipment, Furniture, Training of staff, Computers, Books and Text material.

What you get for your investment?

For an investment of CAD$ 50,000 the franchisor will ensure the following:

  • Help guide the franchisee through an accreditation and registration process with the Onkar team for Quality Assurance and Further Education and Training;
  • By arrangement with the franchisee: when the training center is first established, train employees/teacher/faculty of the franchisee at premises designated by the franchisor and at the franchisee’s expense;
  • Advise on the equipment and books/lab requirements of the franchisee prior to its commencement of business;
  • Assist the franchisee in procuring supplies, services and equipment necessary for the operation of the training center;
  • By providing the course curriculum, course outlines, procedural manual and other respective material to run the Live-in caregiver program.
  • One full set of books for the Faculty Member as reference material needed to use during classroom sessions.

What is the ideal location and size?

The Institute is now planning further expansion into Thailand, Singapore, Italy and Hong Kong. The Institute is inviting highly motivated and successful entrepreneurs to now take up an Onkar Caregiver Training Institute franchise opportunity in these areas or an area of their choice, subject to company approval and endorsement.

We recommend minimum 2000 Sq. Feet (190 Sq. Meter) space should be available to run this program.

What we look for in an Onkar Caregiver Training Institute franchisee?

  • A people’s person: She/he must have excellent selling skills; experience in Education/Administration/Medical/Health Care field is preferable;
  • Communication skills: A good franchisee is one who enjoys spending time with students. Remember, if one treats their staff and customers with trust and respect, then they will remain loyal to them. Hence, it is must for a franchisee to treat their students well which will ultimately add to the popularity of a business;
  • Hard working: Franchisee must not be afraid of hard work and happy to put in the hours required to get the job done;
  • Be a good leader and also be a good follower: Customers preferring franchised business are generally there because they know what to expect. A franchise system then rests upon the consistency of the products or services it offers.
  • Financially and ethically sound person: You will be expected to treat students/faculty/customers/suppliers and Onkar Institute Support Office with integrity.

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