In the caregiving profession, statistics would tell us that female workers dominate the workforce. In Canada, ninety percent of the families prefer to hire female caregivers for reason beyond sex discriminations. Researches have been conducted to facilitate the rationale between male and female caregivers. Results of the researches indicate that male caregivers are better than female caregivers. Here are some of the finding, in which if you are a smart employer, you would think and consider hiring a male caregiver:

  • Male caregivers could initiate and promote large motor activities necessary for child development than female caregivers;
  • Male caregivers can deal well with elderly especially with Alzheimer and dementia patients than female caregivers;
  • Male caregivers more often serve as a buddy or a friend to the child while female caregivers often serve as a teacher or supervisor and worst, a dictator;
  • Male Caregivers can perform housekeeping tasks better than female caregivers especially at winter time;
  • Female Caregivers have limitations in performing technical and physical duties compared to male caregivers especially in times of emergencies.

Although, there may be another advantages in employing a female caregiver but researches would tell us that for practical reasons, better hire a male caregiver.