Why go through an Onkar Caregivers Training Institute ?

There are many reasons for using a professional and recognised body :

  • Convenience - we have database of available employers (Canada and Overseas)
  • Peace of mind - we save you time, worry and the stress of screening and we offer professional advise in your selection.
Where do Employers come from ?

The majority of our employers come from the Canada. We also have Employers from other parts of the world, UK, Australia, Newzealand and Canada.

How much do I get as caregiver ?

It depends on the caregivers’ qualifications, experience and skills. It ranges from CDN$ 1500.00 to CDN $2,500.00

How long does it take to process foreign or overseas caregivers ?

After the job was validated through Human Resources Canada, the application can take as little as 2 months or as long as 6 months for approval to enter Canada. It all depends on the country that the work authorization papers are being processed.

What does Human Resources consider when Employer is hiring a foreign live-in caregiver ?

HRSDC normally see following factors from the Employer:

  • Is Employer in a financial situation that enables you to afford a live-in caregiver?
  • Does Employer has a private room with a lock on the door and a private/or shared bathroom for the caregiver?
  • Does Employer need caregiver, e.g. does Employer work away from his/her home? (People who works from home are usually refused validation!)
  • Can Employer provide acceptable working conditions, reasonable duties and fair market wages?
What does Canada immigration considers before a caregiver enters Canada?

There are three main criteria that Canada Immigration considers (proof is required):

  • The caregiver must be able to read, write and speak English or French, in moderate level.
  • They must have passed the equivalent of Grade 12 in Canadian education system.
  • They must have worked with children for a minimum of one year full-time with pay/or at least taken a six-month full time childcare training course. We are pleasesd to say that we offer that training that is fully recognised by Canada Immigration Authorities.
How Institute can help me obtaining a work permit?

We work with Certified Immigration Firm which help our students to obtain the LMO from HRSDC and work permit from CIC visa post overseas. Please visit their website: www.servicelinks.ca