Employer's Steps In Hiring a Foreign Live-In Caregiver

  1. The employer must obtain an Application Form to hire a Foreign Live-in Caregiver from HRSDC. This application is called LMO Application. Our Partner Company (Service Links Canada Inc.) can help to obtain the LMO from HRSDC.
  2. The employer must complete the application and submit it to the Human Resource Centre (HRSDC) serving the employer's area.
  3. The employer should attach any additional information that will assist HRSDC to assess the application. It includes an outline of the rationale for a caregiver to live in the home on a full-time basis and specific efforts that have been made to recruit a Canadian or a foreign worker already in Canada.

There is no fee to apply to HRSDC to assess an application for a foreign live-in caregiver.

Stages After Approval Of LMO Application For A Live-In Caregiver
Stage 1:
HRSDC sends a letter confirming the approval of the application to the employer.
Stage 2:
HRSDC sends notice of the approval to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) at the visa post where the caregiver will be applying for a work permit.
Stage 3:
CIC issues a work permit if the foreign caregiver is considered to be eligible for the program and meets all other Immigration requirements.

Employee’s Steps In Processing Work Permit After HRSDC (LMO) Job Offer Approval

  1. The caregiver must obtain an Application for a Work Permit from CIC Visa Post overseas or Service Links Canada Inc.
  2. The caregiver must complete the application for work permit and submit it to Service Links Canada Inc.
  3. The caregiver must include the cost recovery fee.
  4. The caregiver must include any additional documents requested by the Service Links Canada Inc. A processing fee is payable when the application for work permit is submitted.