Caregivers Training Institute has been an inspiration to me. They provided with all the facilities that caters for the development of a Caregiver. I did arts as a subject in my secondary school but I had a crave for Care giving. Thus, Caregivers Training Institute solved my hunger for knowledge about Care giving.

The education and training that Caregivers Training Institute provides is awesome with its gracious staffs that are ready to assist you with greater enthusiasm. Caregivers Training Institute itself is a motivation for those who would like to pursue a Diploma in Caregivers.

During the study of my 6 months course, I have studied the birth of a baby, the life of an adolescent, adult, elderly person and disable ones. Through my own experience, I would say that achieving education in Care giving is essential for everyone. My study was adventurous with the training and theory work together.

And the fortunate part is that now I have an employer in Canada and I will be flying out soon. For those who desire to pursue training in Caregivers I would like to say Caregivers Training Institute is the best!! Wish you all the best!!

— Shinal Priyanka Chand —

To fulfill my dream to be one of the certified Caregiver, the Caregivers Training Institute open a door to pursue my dream and build a career in as a caregiver.

The Caregivers Training Institute is located near the beautiful Nadi Town. The Institute provides quality education with all the facilities needed during the 6 months of the course duration.

With the friendly staffs that are ready to help during the course and with up to date materials provides within every modules of the course.

During the course I have learnt the procedures of delivery, looking after the special people and taking care of the elderly needs and medication.

Its encourages me to pursue further studies of an registered nurse as I will be leaving soon to Canada with the Diploma in Care Giving.

— Shivani Reddy —

My uncle from Canada rang and told me to take up the Caregivers course with CTI in Nadi. I never heard of CTI since I was staying in Tavua.  Though I wanted to become a caregiver  I was  very hesitant to join this institution  as  I thought CTI is just an ordinary institution. But  due to pressure from my uncle I heard to take up an enrollment.

I had to face difficulties in travelling such a long distance (cross two towns) every day.       However after joining I found things very interesting.  I started to like the course and the      institutions itself.  I learnt lot of good thing about elderly people.  I started to bring the elderly people very close to me. 

In conclusion I would say what I was thinking about CTI is completely wrong. I never thought that CTI will change my future.  With so less fee CTI has given me a qualification that enabled me to secure a Caregivers job in Canada.

— Shaleen Sima Naidu —

As a teacher I have always dreamt of serving people in any way or the other irrespective of their race, colour, ethnicity, background an age. Being a high school English teacher, I read and taught many novels, stories and poetries which tells about the lifestyle of different people around the different parts of the world.

One day, I happened to read in one of the local newspapers about elderly care course offered by Caregivers Training Institute. I happened to contact the Caregivers Training Institute and managed to enrol as a part time student. Since I was a teacher by profession, also doing household chores and being a part time student made some ups and downs in my career but at last I managed to attain the qualification in caregivers courses because my determination, dedication and commitment paid off and now I am enjoying the fruits of those seeds which I planted few years back.

I also managed to complete my 6 weeks of practical at the same institution and also taught the students of CTI to gain my first hands – on experience. This I happened to do during my leave sessions.

The good part is now I am in America and after attaining all these skills  I do not hesitate and regret of my sacrifices but enjoying the passing days with beautiful smiles and a laughter at the end of the day.

— Nalini Prasad —